Modern genotype testing technologies are no longer used only for checking ancestry or for consultation related to the risks of developing certain illnesses – recently, the tests that evaluate aspects related to health and fitness have become widely available as well. The process started about a decade ago and today there are many companies that provide complex genetic testing services with the purpose of assessing the client’s genetic configuration and of coming up with personalized lifestyle advice, including dieting and exercising, based on that configuration.

genotype testing

What is a Genotype Test?

There are three basic methods used for testing DNA:

  • Whole genome sequencing maps your entire genetic matter, coding DNA (the DNA that codes proteins and makes up around 2% of the entire genetic matter) and non-coding DNA as well;
  • Exome sequencing maps only coding DNA;
  • Genotyping – these testing procedures work with non-coding DNA, as these parts are the ones that link genetic sequences to actual characteristics. The tests usually focus on specific aspects, such as potential health issues and ways to prompt the body to do its very best based on its genetic features.

What You Will Find Out if You Get Yourself Tested for Finding the Best Diet and Fitness Plan?

Genotype tests can establish exactly what foods and ingredients prompt your body to work harder and to achieve your ideal weight, what type of exercise you should pursue to achieve the desired results and will provide accurate information regarding the types of ingredients and exercise that is either inefficient or harmful for you.

The Testing Process

The process usually starts with ordering the home DNA kit that contains an instruction manual and a swab that the client has to run on the inside part of the cheek, then gets sent back to the genotyping company for testing. The evaluation phase usually takes a few weeks – the sample is processed in laboratories, using sophisticated equipment and the raw data is assessed by experts in genetics, fitness and nutrition. The testing focuses on aspects such as the test subject’s metabolic rate, their ability to process certain nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, the ways their body reacts to the most common stimulants, such as alcohol and caffeine as well as to different forms of exercise.

The test results are sent back to the client – some companies include the raw data as well as the dietary and fitness recommendations based on them, others provide only the final recommendations. Some genotyping companies provide further consultation as well as home-delivered meals prepared based on the recommendations.

The Costs Involved¨

The costs of the testing and the evaluation usually range from slightly less than $100 a few hundred dollars, depending on the company’s pricing policies and on the complexity of the test ordered. That price, however, does not include further consultation with nutritionists and the client will also have to pay extra for the meals delivered.

The Bottom Line

Genotype testing makes use of the latest achievements of genetic science and offers personalized insight into how our body works – the recommendations made based on the results of the detailed testing are completely personalized, therefore they provide a unique way for clients to unlock their potential and to help their body get what it needs to deliver the best performance.