Different Machines To Brew A Cup of Coffee

If you love coffee and you are looking for a machine that gives you the beverage of the flavor and strength that you love, you have surely asked yourself the question “what are the best types of coffee makers?” Coffee makers nowadays come in so many different types, from very simple ones to highly sophisticated, programmable equipment that can handle almost every phase of the coffee making process that the choice is certainly difficult, so here are a few things about the various machine types that can help you make the best decision.

Automatic Drip Machines

These are the most common machines of them all. All you need for preparing coffee is some ground coffee and water (if you use a filter-type machine, you will need a filter, too). In the past, these machines came with only a stop-start button, but nowadays many of them offer you control over the strength of your coffee and you can easily find units that include a grinding function as well.

French Presses

These simple, manual appliances use only a cylindrical container and a plunger for preparing the beverage and they come with the additional benefits of not requiring a power outlet or a heat source to be operational. The ground coffee is placed into the container, then water is poured over it, then the plunger is pushed until all the liquid is pressed out of the ground beans. French presses work best with coffee that is coarsely ground – the coffee extracted that way will be stronger and more flavorsome.

Stovetop Machines

The answer that most traditionalist coffee enthusiasts will give you to the question “what are the best types of coffee makers?” is probably the stovetop machine. These simple appliances come with three units: a chamber for the water on the bottom, a funnel for the ground coffee and a chamber on the top for the finished beverage. When the unit is placed on the stove, the flame transforms the water in the bottom chamber into vapors that pass through the coffee grounds and extract the flavor from the powder, then the coffee-flavored vapors rise to the top chamber and become liquid again.

Espresso Machines

These machines are available in many different styles and they vary widely in terms of complexity and adjustable features as well, but the principle by which they operate is the same: the machine applies high pressure to push the water through the coffee grounds to extract the flavor. Espresso machines produce the strong, delicious beverage within seconds and many of them come with a grinder, too. The most sophisticated units available today can be programmed to prepare your coffee by the time you get up and they also come with settings that allow you to prepare many different varieties of coffee, such as cappuccino.

The answer to the question “what are the best types of coffee makers?” is probably different for everyone – the best way to pick your machine is probably by figuring out the type of coffee that you like best and the amount of work that you are willing to put into preparing your beverage.