Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably pass by step and repeat banners more often than you know – these large banners stretched over a frame are very often seen as backdrops in areas where people like to take pictures of themselves as well as at cultural and other red carpet events, behind celebrities posing in front of the cameras. Step and repeat banners are, however, much more versatile than that, giving marketers much more opportunities to advertise. Here are some of the reasons that make these large and attractive banners so efficient and so much used by companies in almost any industry.


Trade shows, conferences and media event are just three of the usage options for step and repeat banners. Your banner can have a place at almost any kind of event – just think of a large wedding party, attended by hundreds of people, all of whom are looking for an adequate backdrop to take pictures in front of. Most people like to take to social media and share the photos of themselves taken at wedding parties or at other prestigious venues, which also means that the step and repeat banner that you provide and that serves as the backdrop will be featured in all those photos and published on a variety of social media platforms, keeping you advertising that is practically free.

step and repeat banners

Just the Appearance That You Need

Step and repeat banners come in a variety of forms and styles. The most common types are telescopic ones that allow you a lot of freedom in terms of sizing; retractable banners that fold pin to the frame with a single movement and spring back varieties, which are the simplest of them all. All this variety of styles will allow you to choose what works best for you, for the type of events that you will be attending and for your possibilities and terms of transportation and storage.

Step and repeat banners also feature a structure that is composed of a large sheet of material that can be used for displaying any kind of message and that offers an incredibly wide range of design opportunities. You can have a banner that features your logo and your slogan in a large format; you can have your logo and the name of your company featured in the design repeatedly in rows or in columns or you can have the name of your company and your logo displayed in the line of many other logos and names representing companies who, for example, sponsor the same event.


Step and repeat banners might be very effective and versatile, but they feature a very simple structure, composed only of a frame and a sheet of material. This practical simplicity as well as the affordability of even the most advanced material printing technologies account for the affordability of these great marketing materials. As a matter of fact, step and repeat banners today are so inexpensive that even a company at the beginning of the road towards success can afford at least one unit.