Pet Urine Removal From Carpets And Furniture

Pet owners, regardless their experience with pets, will deal with occasional incidents in the form of urine stains on the carpet or other surfaces in their house. Often, the urine stain is not discovered immediately and it dries, which will make it harder to detect, not to mention that, in the meantime, the smell of urine will linger in the house. It is best to act on these stains as soon as possible and hire carpet cleaning pet urine removal or do it yourself.

Cleaning the surface on which the dog has urinated is much more complicated than locating the stain and attempting to remove it with ordinary detergents. You need special solutions to get rid of stains and persistent odor. You may also need to take additional steps to ensure that the unpleasant event does not reoccur.

The first thing you need to do is to pinpoint the areas the dog has “visited”. It is important to accurately locate them to neutralize the urine as effectively as possible. The dog will smell if you do not thoroughly clean the area, which will make it urinate again.

Easy to say, harder to do, because – like we said before – dry urine stains become almost invisible. The best thing you can do is to use a UV lamp to detect the affected areas, and then purchase a special detergent designed to completely remove such stains and the residual odor.

Ordinary detergents, even if you think they have cleaned the stain and removed the odor, will not solve the problem completely. A dog`s sense of smell is much finer than ours, and the fact that your pet will continue to detect the place where they urinated in the house can make them do it again. To solve the problem completely, you need a deep cleaning detergent. Such products are based on enzymes, and we recommend you dry pet stain removal products. Why dry? – Because fresh stains will be a lot easier to remove. You will not have to soak them first, because a dry powder will absorb it immediately; just spread it on the stain and allow it to react, according to the official recommendations. Besides absorbing the urine, such a product will also clean the area, because enzymes break down the urine stain by feeding on it, until they remove it completely.

These enzymatic pet stain removal products have very effective formulations, although most of them work best under certain environmental conditions (temperature, pH levels etc.). For example, lower temperature will not denature the enzymes, but they will simply react better in higher temperatures.

Dry pet stain removal products can also be combined with water to obtain solutions for spraying dry urine stains, and most manufacturer recommendations are to dissolve them in warm water and use them immediately.

Urine can affect the dyes used in various materials and carpets, causing discoloration or even change of color tint. Some of these reactions can be seen immediately, while for others it takes weeks or months. Thus, the urine stains should be cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid these problems. We recommend using a UV lamp that will help you detect urine stains even if they are dry and otherwise invisible, and prevent long-term exposure of the material.