We live in a world that started out with barter transactions and now we are in the era of digital currency. Similarly, we were into wholesale and retail shopping, and now we are into digital shopping. The world has gotten better every single day, and we are looking forward to more changes. If we stick to the topic shopping, our buying patterns and approaches have changed. Though I wouldn’t say that online shopping has completely devoured the concept of retail selling, there are reasons why people have to choose one over the other. So let us get to the battle of e-shopping vs retail shopping.

One out of a million choices:

Online sites hardly run out of stock, because they know that there is large number of other sites to get your needs fulfilled. There are also numbers of options, and you can choose what you like. You can always make choices and they vary in design, size and colour, thereby multiplying your options. All these aren’t practically possible in physical shopping.

Helping the earth go green:

People spoil the earth to a great extent in the event of physical shopping. They promote plastic packaging, and they emit a lot of harmful gases by transports. All this can be completely avoided when you shop online. This way we are helping the earth go green, and we are reducing a lot of global warming. Though a lot of awareness is created and people are avoiding plastics in retail malls, complete elimination is not possible. On the top of it, air pollution that transportation creates is inevitable.


People find it very much convenient to shop online. There is no peer pressure. They can shop anytime, anywhere as they please. In case if people are planning for a gift. All you have to do is to simply pay it and post the address where it has to be gifted. The best of all perks is that you get your things gif wrapped. Of course, you are paying for it, but that’s fine.

No pressure:

When you are physically out for shopping, there is a lot of pressure. When you enter a shop you are always forced to buy something, or should I say you are tricked into buying it. The product is rarely available, and the stock might run out any time. So irrespective of whether you have the money or not, you are forced to buy it. All these problems are completely absent in online shopping.

You save more and spend less:

The whole concept of online shopping is that is that you save more and spend less. We have already seen that you enjoy a lot of perks and benefits when you shop online. All these put together will help you understand that you are enjoying more than what you are actually paying. It need not have to be just money as it includes time and energy as well.